A Path
out of Poverty.

Impact Sourcing is a global initiative to bring internet-based jobs to disadvantaged communities.

Impact Hub connects businesses and providers with the resources they need to make Impact Sourcing work.

What We Do

We help organizations outsource responsibly by matching them with a service provider that hires and trains high potential but disadvantaged women and youth.

Impact Hub enables Impact Sourcing players to help disadvantaged men and women enjoy healthier and more dignified lives through gainful employment. We offer our expertise to businesses, connect them to outsourcing service providers and help break their business processes into ‘outsourcable’ tasks.

Impact Hub aggregates information about Impact Sourcing: from global data, to stakeholder profiles, to the latest news, to make it easier for everyone involved to achieve their goals. Together we can create role models for struggling communities.

Why Impact Sourcing?

About 1.8 billion people can’t get a formal job and many can’t access higher education. Africa will soon have the largest workforce on earth, but not enough jobs for young people. Impact Sourcing creates jobs that typically aren’t viable in the United States or other developed nations, but there are a couple providers in the U.S. we recommend: SAMAUSA and Cayuse Technologies.

81.5 percent of workers in Africa were recently classified as working poor, compared to the world average of 39.1 percent

Social Impact

Impact Sourcing is on track to create jobs in digital work centers for millions of disadvantaged men and women. With higher wages, they’re going to college, getting health care, and helping family members in need.

560,850 people employed by outsourcers can be classified as Impact Sourcing workers, which is approximately 10 percent of the total global BPO workforce.

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