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Steve-Muthee-DaproimSteve Muthee is the CEO and founder of Daproim Africa. He is young, ambitious and very hard working benevolent visionary whose dream is to bring up the community he lives in.

He is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for social business with 10 years’ experience in running businesses, a determined leader who maintains a proactive approach in addressing all issues head-on, create best value, increase efficiency, and timely delivery of output for the clients’ benefit.

He has a strong proponent of innovating to cut costs and grow production. A Leader and pace setter in social business with demonstrable potential to realize significant growth in its double bottom line: financial viability and social impact.

Stephen envisions that Daproim will be able to spearhead and join forces with like-minded organizations to increase the numbers of disadvantaged workers and also increase value of working to these workers via training and preparing them for the real work situation by giving them the required soft-skills that are appreciated by mainstream employers yet which the workers miss.

For-Profit Outsourcers Can Deliver Social Good

On May 14, we posted a blog titled, “Wannabe ISSPs: Outsourcers That Embellish Their Social Impact.” Our primary mission is always to promote Impact Sourcing providers (ISSPs) that have an ongoing social impact. ISSPs doing good include Daproim Africa, an outsourcing provider that offers transcription and data-processing services at affordable rates. Our goal with theContinue Reading