Outsourcing and Big Business: More Than a Cost-Saving Measure

Cost savings has long been the primary reason businesses choose to outsource business processes. Whether a company is sending an entire call center overseas or simply contracting with a few offsite workers for mundane tasks, businesses are attracted to the reasonable prices they can pay for high-quality work.

However, in recent years, businesses have begun to realize cost is only one benefit of outsourcing. As getAbstract points out in The Outsourcing Revolution, outsourcing stands to have a marked impact on the global economy. By being able to connect with workers in disadvantaged economies, business process outsourcers can provide opportunities those workers wouldn’t have had previously.

Empowering Workers

The cost savings enjoyed by outsourcing has been well documented. Generally, it comes from the fact that workers in areas outside the U.S. enjoy a lower cost of living than American workers. Even outsourcing to rural areas within the States can help businesses in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, where the cost of living is exponentially higher than an area that is sixty miles away from the nearest big city.

When workers in areas with less opportunity can connect with businesses in prospering areas, the partnership has a measurable impact on both the workers and the environment around them.

A talented professional who couldn’t have gotten work otherwise due to geography now has the ability to make what is considered a good wage in his or her part of the world.

This wage can then be used to purchase a better home, buy more items, and support local restaurants and attractions.

The overall benefits of outsourcing are continuing to unfold, leading more businesses to realize the power that exists in impact sourcing. With the majority of firms now realizing how crucial outsourcing is to growth, those businesses that aren’t outsourcing business processes may find that they must consider the practice in order to continue to remain competitive.