B2R Technologies


Awarded by NASSCOM for it’s social innovation and success, ‘Business 2 Rural’ is changing rural life in India by bringing jobs to where people live.

Business Model

B2R offers ‘prepaid’ services to customers who’d rather not commit to a long-term contract or just need smaller, on-demand support. Although they do subcontract to larger BPO firms, they are considered to be using the customer-direct ISSP model.

Value Proposition

With flexible customer relationships, the management experience of a mature Indian BPO firm and the low-cost of rural workforce, B2R has what it takes to develop rural communities.

Labor Supply

In rural India, young and middle-aged men and women gain experience and a living wage at their local B2R delivery center.

Social Impact

B2R’s CEO told us about changes they’ve seen in communities surrounding their five centers. He suggests that we need to measure social impact in terms of new infrastructure (power, telecom), wage relative to the community average and skills development.

Key Facts

300 Employees

Impact Sourcing Model:



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