Daproim Africa offers a variety of services to a diverse client base locally and abroad. They provide innovative and customized solutions to fit both your budget and requirements.

Business Model

They primarily subcontract from other firms, but Daproim’s founder expressed a great interest in customer-direct relationships. Daproim employs over 100 full-time workers in addition to more than 400 part-time university students who can work remotely as part of their Digital Campus Connect (DCC) program. The program has garnered support from The Rockefeller Foundation and TechnoServe.

Value Proposition

Daproim is an established, medium-sized ISSP dedicated to offering responsive, high quality support to clients. We know they’re reliable and responsive cause we’ve used them.

Labor Supply

Like many ISSPs, Daproim hires a mix of disadvantaged and experienced workers. Transcription services, for example, require advanced language skills to ensure a quality product. Those workers just entering the formal workforce pick up skills from other, more experienced colleagues in the office.

Social Impact

DCC’s objective is to employ disadvantaged university students while they pursue a degree. Hundreds more students are on a waiting list to join the DCC program and earn a wage from school. Students have moved on to better paying-jobs as a direct result of the valuable work experience they’ve gained at Daproim in addition to their college degree. Daproim has the potential to scale it’s impact with more customer-direct contracts.

Key Facts

500 Employees

Impact Sourcing Model:



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