DDD delivers digital content, data and research services to clients worldwide. Customers receive high-quality competitively priced digital content services. At the same time, DDD’s innovative social model enables talented youth from low-income families to access professional opportunities and earn lasting higher income. This model, established by DDD in 2001, is now called “Impact Sourcing” and has been implemented by dozens of firms around the world.

DDD’s clients include leading publishing, media and information services firms; consumer brands and retailers; government agencies; libraries, museums and archives; investment, telecommunications and manufacturing firms, as well as NGOs.


Business Model

DDD pioneered the model of offering employment in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry to people from disadvantaged families, now called “Impact Sourcing.” DDD’s approach is unique in that it incorporates a comprehensive program of employment and higher education to support young people in realizing their dreams. Working in countries where young adults have talent as well as an ambition to improve their lives, DDD offers a structure that enables youth to develop their skills, grow personally and improve the socio-economic well-being of their families. By offering work experience in the BPO industry–and the opportunity to pursue higher education–DDD creates an enduring, life-changing environment for young men and women who otherwise face limited employment options.

Value Proposition

The beauty of Impact Sourcing that it  directly impacts those most in need while delivering real business value to clients.  With the explosive demand for digital content, Impact Sourcing satisfies the demand across industries, for a raft of data/content management processes to support the development of new products and services.  DDD adheres to the same high standards as any traditional BPO provider with a commitment to quality, security, deadlines, project management and client communications that is absolute.

Labor Supply

DDD’s recruits disadvantaged high school graduates, ages 17-24, including young women and men, and youth with disabilities. Recruited youth participate in a work/study program which offers training, employment, and the opportunity to complete higher education. A rigorous recruitment process ensures that the youth who join DDD have the skills, commitment and maturity to succeed in the work/study program. DDD works with partners, including schools and NGOs for referrals to youth who meet our program criteria.

DDD is committed to a gender balanced workforce. As part of the recruitment process, staff proactively reach out to young women. In addition, DDD’s partners identify youth with disabilities with the capability to succeed in our program. In Cambodia and Laos, DDD recruits youth with physical disabilities and in Kenya, DDD recruits youth who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Social Impact

DDD’s program graduates find professional jobs where they typically earn three to four times the average salary in the region where they live.   They often secure professional jobs in the private sector, with NGOs or in government agencies. DDD’s social mission staff work with local employers to identify relevant job openings for graduates. The social mission team also helps graduating operators prepare for their job search with resume help and job interview skills.

To see current data for their annual Impact Sourcing report, please click here.

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