IndiVillage is a Rural BPO located in Andhra Pradesh State in India. With its primary focus being on social change in rural India, the company has improved the livelihoods of hundreds of people living in these areas–building worker skills and creating sustainable jobs.

Business Model

IndiVillage focuses primarily on direct client relationships. By tailoring their approaches and methods for each individual client, they can provide customized solutions that solve mundane office issues.

Value Proposition

This social enterprise creates value for its clients in several ways; first and foremost, they offer low cost solutions to mundane office issues. Additionally, they are focused on holistic rural development in India. The BPO aims for maximum impact and this is achieved through collaboration with clients. IndiVillage re-invests 100% of its profits into community improvement through education, agricultural support and craft preservation. This is done to help support sustainable job creation in rural India.

Labor Supply

IndiVillage lies in the center of an area surrounded by nearly 25 colleges at a 50 km radius. Our team comprises of graduate women from these schools as well as local villagers who work together, continuously developing their skills to create a world class team.

Social Impact

Since its commencement in 2009, IndiVillage has changed the face of the village through sustainable job creation for hundreds of people. We support nearly 300 children from some of the poorest families by sponsoring for their education in schools within the village where the English taught is mid-level.

Key Facts

Cumulative Number of Agents:

Total Beneficiaries Impacted:

Impact Sourcing Model:



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