Invincible Outsourcing


The Maharishi Institute, which owns Invincible Outsourcing, is an accredited education center and provides the specific training required for Invincible Outsourcing’s employees to execute their outsourcing tasks. Invincible Outsourcing is increasingly getting opportunities to execute more complex outsourcing contracts due to the partnerships it has with larger traditional outsourcers and the vocational training offered by the Maharishi Institute.

Business Model

The enterprise is made up of three components:

  • Maharishi Institute, a nonprofit education center offering accessible business degrees and foundation courses to disadvantaged students
  • Impact Sourcing Academy, a non-profit business process outsourcing training institute
  • Invincible Outsourcing, a for-profit BPO giving students work experience and a wage while studying

Value Proposition

Although Invincible Outsourcing has some contracts which they own, manage and deliver directly to the client, the majority of their business comes from contracts where they are the subcontractor. Invincible Outsourcing is supported financially by the Maharishi Institute on an annual basis only when funding is required. Maharishi Institute receives funding from a number of sources:
Invincible Outsourcing, donors, bursary repayments, and government.

Labor Supply

All students must have completed high school, come from disadvantaged areas and prove financial
hardship. Maharishi Institute attrition levels dropped 23 percent to 10 percent when
Invincible Outsourcing was opened, giving a wage to employees/students.

Social Impact

Maharishi Institute measures social impact through the number of people educated, the number that pass each year, the number that graduate, the number that are employed, and the broad earning ranges of graduates.

Key Facts

850 Employees

Impact Sourcing Model:



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