Advertising Impact Sourcing: Expanding its Global Reach

In recent years, the field of Impact Sourcing has seen phenomenal growth, with some experts predicting it will become a $20 billion market by the year 2015. Yet quite a few consumers and businesses have heard the term.

The biggest challenge to growing Impact Sourcing is getting the word out about it. The connections that have been made between employers and workers across the globe have changed lives. The key to increasing the global reach of Impact Sourcing is promoting this reach as much as possible.

Feedback through social media

Going Social

Many marketing efforts these days are directed at reaching customers on social media. For a fraction of the cost of print and media advertising, a small number of posts can reach a large group of people.

Three social media sites that are especially conducive to posts about Impact Sourcing are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

ISSPs can create social media presences on each of these sites and track down social media users who are likely to be interested in the messages they’re regularly posting.

Businesses that might be interested in making a positive impact are likely to be interested in the opportunities provided by Impact Sourcing, especially since they can benefit from high-quality outsourcing services while also reaching their own community service goals. Social media provides the perfect medium for messages about the positive work being done by Impact Sourcing service providers (ISSPs) across the country.

A Visual Medium

Accenture’s Facebook page provides an example of how social networking can be used to strengthen the field of Impact Sourcing. Through the page, Accenture provides insight and information about the positive results of Impact Sourcing. An ISSP can post photos and videos of its work to demonstrate how their outsourcing efforts are touching lives of residents across the globe.

ISSPs have a prime opportunity to share the results of the work they’re doing through social media. By connecting with users on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ISSPs can make a much more powerful statement than a print ad or television commercial.