Branding Impact Sourcing: 5 Ways BPOs Can Build a Great Image

As businesses have grown to discover the long-lasting effects of Impact Sourcing on economies around the world, many of them long to tell other businesses about the mutual benefits of outsourcing processes to economically-developing countries. In fact, ISSPs have discovered that when businesses promote their Impact Sourcing efforts, it benefits both their own reputation and gets the word out about outsourcing responsibly. To help businesses craft their stellar image as BPOs, here are a few tips for BPOs interested in building their brands.

Samasource-webEmphasize Your Mission

Samasource is a good example of a BPO that effectively gets the word out about its outsourcing efforts.

The data service provider proudly displays its non-profit mission to make a social impact on its website.

By being clear that when a client does business with your company, they’re making a positive global economic impact, you’ll improve your own reputation.

Post Real Stories

BPOs can go one step further by posting photos of outsourcing service providers on its company blog. These posts will give your clients and customers a personal view of the workers who are helping your business grow.

Use Social Media
Your social media sites are a great way to promote the benefits of Impact Sourcing. Using photos, video, and posts, you can regularly remind your customers that you’re not only driven to succeed, you’re also driven to change the world.

Don’t Forget Print Media

Through your business cards, company stationery, and other materials, you can promote your Impact Sourcing efforts through the use of a logo or small tagline. Soon, when customers think about corporate social responsibility, they’ll think of your company.

Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to impress on others the benefits of Impact Sourcing for your company is to spread the word. Attend conferences and workshops and share your story with others in your industry. By conveying your own personal story, you’ll introduce others to your business while showing the benefits of Impact Sourcing.Businesses receive maximum benefits from Impact Sourcing when ISSPs hire and train the best workers. Here are a few great tips for hiring and testing job applicants.