Digital Jobs Africa Launches

Yesterday, the Rockefeller Foundation announced a seven year commitment to Impact Sourcing with the launch of Digital Jobs Africa. Aligning with our mission, they seek to “increase demand for African youth in the workforce” and “grow the Impact Sourcing sector by encouraging and enabling the private sector to incorporate the practice into their business model.”

The Rockefeller Foundation continues to grant funds for Impact Sourcing players. A recent grant, in partnership with the Skoll Foundation, produced this excellent video.¬†Before this video existed, there was very little storytelling about Impact Sourcing. We’re extremely pleased with how this video came out and look forward to more content of this quality. The launch of Impact Hub and social media content around Impact Sourcing has the potential to raise awareness and develop the industry. We believe that marketing tools like this have to potential to grow the industry, which will then lift one million people out of poverty.