East Africa: Booming Tech Sector & Widening Gender Gap

The Internet is helping people to imagine new possibilities—and then, to make them happen. Many business incubators, or “labs,” have been established in developing countries to facilitate grassroots entrepreneurship. In Nairobi, Kenya, open innovation is fueling East Africa’s technology boom. In “Silicon Savannah, ” local talent is finding solutions to local problems.

While digital innovation in Kenya outpaces many developed countries, East Africa has fallen far behind in terms of digital inclusion – men are almost twice as likely to have access to the Internet than women. In Uganda, 91% of women and girls don’t access the Internet. Bridging this Internet gender gap represents an opportunity of immense proportions.

We’re working to expand the Impact Sourcing movement to every computer workstation: at home, at work and at school. Some ISSPs have launched programs to work remotely. With hundreds of Internet cafes in Nairobi, there’s enormous potential to empower underprivileged women:

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