Higher Complexity Work for Impact Sourcing

bpm-cycleImpact Sourcing is a growing industry, with businesses realizing the long-term economic value of outsourcing work. But as Impact Sourcing grows, Impact Sourcing Service Providers (ISSPs) must develop deeper relationships with businesses and other service providers. As the industry matures, businesses will begin to see new opportunities for outsourcing, going beyond data entry and call center work to allow providers to help with more complex business operations.

While certain operations will always remain with the top decision-makers in a company, crucial operations like data classifying and categorizing can be outsourced. In order to thrive, service providers will be required to develop the skillsets and resources to follow complex instructions and workflows from clients.

How It Works

A project manager and business process engineer work together to ensure work is completed to a business’s specifications. They develop a workflow based on high-quality outputs outlined by the customer. This workflow is presented to the outsource provider, who follows each step, often through the use of workflow software (see video below).

A business interested in researching lots of web content or sifting through social media, can now pulling that content together with the help of an ISSP. Talented offshore teams that learn over time sift through content gathered by marketing software and then discard irrelevant content–according to criteria/rules provided by the business. On the business’s side, when they pull up that marketing software each day, the service provider will have already removed any undesirable content, giving the business a clean view of the information he or she needs to proceed with efficiency.

While high-level, day-to-day business decisions will always be made by the business itself, time-consuming and repetitive tasks can be handled by ISSPs. As business process outsourcing (BPO) grows more sophisticated, the capabilities of service providers will compliment these changing needs, allowing for enhanced productivity at minimal expense.