How CSR will Help Impact Sourcing Grow


Image credit: geoliv, Flickr

Impact Sourcing is a natural fit for businesses’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Companies can save money by outsourcing processes overseas and overseas service providers can benefit from working with growing businesses in other parts of the world. In a survey conducted by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), 71 percent of those surveyed stated that they believe CSR will play an increasing role in businesses outsourcing contracts.

But there are concerns. While outsourcing projects to economically-disadvantaged areas has benefits to workers and the growth of their communities, businesses can’t afford to sacrifice quality. Impact Sourcing Service Providers (ISSPs) find disadvantaged but high potential workers around the globe, recruiting them for outsourcing projects such as transcription, content management, image tagging and social media analysis. New staff receive extensive training to meet each client’s quality requirements. These workers enhance their familiarity with technology and gain soft skills that’ll benefit them for decades.

Research from Monitor Group has shown that Impact Sourcing increases an individual’s income by 40 to 200 percent. This additional income increases an individual’s investment in his or her family’s education, healthcare, and overall spending in the community–helping strengthen local economies. In addition to fulfilling a company’s CSR, Impact Sourcing also delivers value to businesses, helping them save money while still maintaining the quality of service they demand.

The IAOP found that the vast majority of respondents believe CSR will become more important in the corporate environment in the coming years. Through Impact Sourcing, businesses can fulfill their social responsibilities while supporting high-value internal staff. As CSR becomes a higher priority for businesses, the demand for well-trained, skilled workers in remote areas will continue to increase, making the work of ISSPs more important than ever.