How Outsourcing Provides Future Job Opportunities to Workers

Impact Sourcing WorkersFor many Impact Sourcing workers, landing a position is only the beginning of a long and
fulfilling career. Not only do ISSPs train workers, they also provide ongoing support as workers continuously develop skills. In time, most workers find that they are able to tackle more complex tasks and are therefore able to land more challenging jobs in other
areas. Once trained, the route that an outsourcing worker chooses to take varies depending on the worker’s individual preference. But as The Rockefeller Foundation and The William Davidson Institute points out in their report, Opportunity for Building a Thriving Industry Impact Sourcing: Assessing the Opportunity for Building a Thriving Industry, multiple career paths exist for BPO workers. Here are a few of the most popular.

Team Leads

One of the most mentioned career paths during interviews is the progression from worker to a team leader or even a manager position. After working in the position for a period of time, these workers often have an on-the-job experience that can help them inspire and motivate other workers as they begin their careers.

Increased Complexity

During the process of gaining experience in positions like basic data entry, workers learn both the hard and soft skills necessary to work in business. This allows them to move on to tasks of higher complexity. They may also be assigned to an ISSP’s more important clients after having proven that they are reliable and able to manage assigned tasks well.

Traditional Work

In some instances, BPO workers eventually leave the technology field to take a position with a local firm or business. These workers find that they are able to leverage the skills and training they received as an outsourcing service provider to land high-paying positions for which they wouldn’t have otherwise qualified. Outsourcing service providers can form partnerships that help them land lucrative government contracts. Read how in our next segment, The Future of Government Work: Outsourcing.