How Technology Has Changed Outsourcing

With each century, the world has become less segmented. As each new invention came along, humanity was able to expand their worldview, learning about and interacting with people in the next town over, another state, or even another country.

Although newspapers, radio shows, and TV made great strides toward introducing people to the rest of civilization, the internet has taken global communication in all new directions. Today, businesses can employ workers on the other side of the world, enjoying access to talent and affordability they couldn’t find locally. The internet has made this possible, allowing anyone with a computer and internet connection to find viable employment anywhere in the world.


Technology is revolutionizing outsourcing
Photo Credit: Anise Smith on Flickr

Automation and Its Benefits

Long before every home and business was equipped with an internet-connected computer, however, industries were realizing the benefits of reaching out to global business markets. In the early 70s, the Arab oil embargo led many businesses to conduct full reviews of their operations and determine ways in which processes could be improved.

But even after the internet made its way into mainstream use, there would still be several years before outsourcing came of age. The technology existed, but man still needed to learn how to utilize the technology to make work connections.

Initially, the word “outsourcing” was associated with replacing American workers with overseas workers, but in time, the definition has evolved.Today, outsourced workers can provide simple support, taking over low-level tasks or providing services not found in America.

Over time, industries began to realize the impact outsourcing was having on the populations providing the work. Areas of the world without access to industry are now able to provide valuable resources to companies throughout the world. This increases the earning ability of individual citizens with, when taken as a whole, gradually begins to improve these areas’ economies. This is an additional benefit to outsourcing that wouldn’t have been available without technological innovation.