Impact Sourcing in Kenya: How Far It Has Come, How Far It Can Go

When we first began following Kenya’s progress in the field of impact sourcing, it was new to the field, with the country’s Vision 2030 Initiative making it a promising contender. The country is especially impacted by Information Communication Technology (ICT) outsourcing, with technology having dramatically changed its economic direction.

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city has become a hub for Impact Sourcing.
photo credit: Momenratyawe on Flickr

Improving Professionals

In addition to helping connect workers with opportunities on a global basis, it has also accelerated training for professionals in a variety of industries.

This is especially true of healthcare, where medical professionals are able to get the information they need to improve their skills.

But this rapid growth is only the beginning as ISSPs realize the wealth of talent available in the area and find new, innovative ways to utilize it.

This access to training extends to business process workers, allowing BPOs to recruit and train qualified professionals throughout Kenya. The area has a wealth of young, capable talent who simply need the training and opportunities to help them grow. ICT has kick-started this movement by providing wage-earning opportunities to talent who might not have found them otherwise.

Improving Businesses

Traditionally, smaller Kenyan businesses have been blocked from accessing opportunities outside of their own small towns. ICT has opened these opportunities up, allowing them to compete with larger businesses. As documented in Dalberg’s Digital Jobs in Africa: Catalyzing Inclusive Opportunities for Youth, a recent study found that 80 percent of SMEs believe the internet has opened up possibilities not previously available in Kenya and that these possibilities will lead to growth.

Kenya has seen great growth in a short time in the impact sourcing space, but the area has only begun to leverage the opportunities available to residents. Through continued growth in information systems, the country will be able to reach a level of economic improvement not previously imaginable.