Online Research at IndiVillage

IndiVillage is a rural BPO located in Yemmiganur, Andhra Pradesh state in India. It is a social enterprise whose primary focus is on Corporate Social Responsibility. Through tapping into the available and often underutilized potential, IndiVillage has successfully brought about job creation opportunities to hundreds through back office support work. 


Chief among the services they offer as back office support is online research. 

Online research is the use of computer networks to assist in varying phases of marketing research processes which include:

  1. Problem Development
  2. Research Design
  3. Information Gathering,
  4. Analysis,
  5. Report Writing and Distribution.

Through continuous client satisfaction, IndiVillage managed to land one of the largest manufacturing companies in India thereby giving them a competitive advantage in the market place. Here are some of the procedures followed on a typical online research project.

Identifying client expectations.

  1. Process managers collect research data from the clients.
  2. A strategy is developed to meet the client’s requirements. This is done by identifying relevant searchable key words and sources.
  3. A standardized output format is created for the employees to follow; this facilitates data presentation.
  4. Formats and chosen keyword and sources are sent to the client for approval.
  5. Client go-ahead is given.
  6. Work is presented to online research team members.

Data compilation and analysis.

  1. Data is compiled from the web.
  2. Relevant data is extracted and placed on an excel sheet.
  3. Team leaders carry out quality analysis and control through editing and (or) additions as per client specifications.

Client review.

  1. A rough draft of the work is submitted to the client.
  2. The client reviews the work.
  3. Client gives feedback citing satisfaction or requests a re-work or additional specifications.

Final report.

  1. The final report is generated by team leaders.
  2. A report review is carried out.
  3. The final report is sent to the client.

IndiVillage is proud to say it maintains close relationships with its clients. If follow up research is required, the team leaders simply evaluate previous reports and craft new processes to build preliminary reports..