Steps to Implementing an Impact Sourcing Project

Impact sourcing is a growing, thriving industry, reaching new participants each year. The work being performed in areas throughout the world has the power to improve lives and expand business horizons, but first the right steps must be taken to ensure a project’s long-term success.

In the book Impact Sourcing: Implementation Guide, the International Institute for Outsource Management provides a comprehensive how-to manual on setting up a successful impact sourcing project. The book points to several things that must be done during the implementation process.

Impact Sourcing projects require business plans to run successfully.
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Choose the Right Leadership

In the beginning, the right leadership is essential. It isn’t necessary for leaders to have backgrounds specific to outsourcing.

Leaders with experience in business, charity work, and management advisory work can all do well in impact sourcing management.

The key is to find a leader that shares the organization’s mission and goals.

Create a Business Plan

Any business needs a solid, well-written business plan that puts its goals and strengths in writing. This plan doesn’t have to be a complex tome. In fact, the simpler, the better. The plan should lay out the business’s long-term goals, but the primary attention should be given to the upcoming weeks and months.This plan can serve as a guidebook during those early, sometimes difficult days.

Acquiring Resources

For impact sourcing businesses, lining up the right personnel and tools is an important early step. This can be an ongoing challenge for businesses, due to the evolving nature of impact sourcing. Over time, this process can be eased as businesses gain more experience and learn more about the cultural climate of each region.

Ensuring Longevity

To create impact sourcing projects that endure, leaders must be willing to oversee operations. Marketing and outreach is essential, as is developing an ongoing customer service mindset. With the right professionals driving the direction of impact sourcing efforts, the chances of success are dramatically increased.