The Next Big Impact Sourcing Brand – Pt 3

I recently posted about planning and executing an online presence for Impact Sourcing  A website and digital marketing campaign are important first steps to build awareness of Impact Sourcing and its global brand.

A website, active social media accounts and the team behind it all brings credibility to a brand. This serves as the foundation to then conduct outreach and market the brand. Let’s look at how to tailor this online presence to resonate with those we want to reach.

Photo credit: Artistic on Flickr.

It’s a common best practice to constantly tailor digital experiences to best engage the audiences you want to reach–and how they respond to each change

Measurement should include:

  1. Analytics from website visits
  2. Written feedback provided by website visitors
  3. Core business performance indicators (i.e. quantity of customer leads generated).

Today’s strongest brands streamline how they respond to these metrics. Some refer to it as customer experience management  but whatever you call it, it’s important to put business processes in place that enable your team to respond to the changing needs of your audience.

A feedback loop should be created that helps bring your digital experiences (and your brand) closer and closer to your target audiences. The Internet and web technologies offer flexibility never before seen to do this. It’s therefore a very exciting time for Impact Sourcing!