The Three Pillars of Alcatel-Lucent’s Sustainable Supply Chain

logo-alcatel-lucentPierre-Louis manages Sustainability aspects in Alcatel-Lucent’s global Purchasing organization. He has previously been in charge of several environmental projects within the group, contributed in several industry and standardization associations, and held different positions in procurement and commercial areas of Alcatel-Lucent consumer branch

For Alcatel-Lucent, sustainability is an imperative and our sustainability program is strongly connected to our purchasing processes. The company fosters sustainability throughout its supply chain and, in particular, among third-party suppliers who provide us with components, products, software, support or digital services.

Our buyers challenge suppliers or service providers to deliver sustainability performance. Along with prices, quality, risk management and financial strength, our buyers take into account environment, labor practices, and fair business as fundamental elements when selecting or evaluating suppliers or vendors. Access to preferred supplier status is frequently dependent upon a supplier’s sustainability performance level. This helps our buyers and suppliers maintain sustainability long after an initial purchase.

Alcatel-Lucent applies a thorough and global approach to responsible sourcing that stands on three pillars:

  1. Contractual requirements for suppliers worldwide that align with international sustainability principles such as the UN Global Compact Ten Principles or the EICC Code of Conduct
  2. Regular evaluation of supplier sustainability performance through audits and documentary assessments–to have a concrete view of what is going on on-site
  3. Following through with corrective actions identified during assessments and a support to improve suppliers’ sustainability performance.

By the end of 2014, our objective is for 80% of our suppliers to achieve a satisfactory sustainability assessment. We’re proud that our company’s program has been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Alcatel-Lucent was ranked as Technology sector leader in 2012, and again in 2013.

We’ve worked, for example, to improve daily working conditions of employees in developing countries such as India. Our contractual requirements outline basic human rights principles and we are excited about the emergence of Impact Sourcing Service Providers who understand these global standards and have developed social business models to deliver high social value. They are well positioned to serve the needs of enterprises such as Alcatel-Lucent and other global businesses with complex, digital operations that care about sustainability and responsible sourcing of services.

Committed to build a sustainable and development-oriented supply chain, Alcatel-Lucent greatly values the Impact Sourcing industry. It leverages the power of technology to create digitally-connected jobs in emerging markets such as Africa–where Alcatel-Lucent is proud to conduct business.