We’ve Launched!

Today marks a special day in our history! Day one. Well, sort of.

For many months, our team has consulted experts in Impact Sourcing to determine what this industry needs. It turned out there wasn’t a great resource for potential customers to learn about Impact Sourcing, the players involved and more.

Impact Hub is a place for businesses to reach out to Impact Sourcing Service Providers (ISSPs). It’s a place for policymakers and global development specialists to keep up to date with, and examine the facts. It’s safe to say that today, we don’t have all the answers. Over time, with your comments, we can develop a resource for the industry and encourage market efficiencies that translate into increased social impact.

We’re proud to be the first website that lists Impact Sourcing players and is dedicated to growing the industry. We’re excited about Rockefeller Foundation’s coming launch and look forward to supporting the industry together.