Ghana is one of the fastest developing nations for Business Process Outsourcing and is a technology leader in the region. The country’s outsourcing industry has experienced unparalleled growth and its government plans to account for a significant portion of the world’s BPO market.

Impact Sourcing has the potential to increase the country’s global standing, improving employment opportunities for skilled labor and the population in Ghana has strong English-speaking skills to support many types of services.


The World Bank’s ease of business ranking for Ghana is favorable, with strong ratings with regard to dealing with registering property, getting credit, protecting investors, and enforcing contracts. A low corporate tax rate, low security concerns, exemptions on customs duty for research and development, and strong patents and copyright legislation is improving the country’s appearance to investors, helping to drive inward foreign direct investment.

To appeal to multinational corporations, Ghana has taken bold steps to increase its market attractiveness, offering technology parks at the Free Zone Enclave, University of Ghana, and KNUST University. Ghana has constructed a Private Public Partnership model and plans to transform its education system to provide higher quality ICT skills. The fact that Ghana shares the same time zone as the United Kingdom appeals to companies based out of many European countries.


The Ministry of Information Communications Technology (ICT) is currently focussed on telecom and broadband adoption and penetration. Building strong awareness of Impact Sourcing would be required to fast-track policy formulation.

Key Facts

$21.0 M Revenue

1750 Impact Sourcing Jobs

Service Providers in

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