Samasource is an Impact Sourcing Service Provider that establishes partnerships with digital work centers around the world. They perform large-scale data projects for clients like Google, Intuit and Microsoft. Local partners follow their social impact guidelines and provide critical in-country infrastructure and computers.

Business Model

A non-profit based in San Francisco, Samasource supported by approximately 50% earned income. Their proprietary process management software platform, SamaHub, enables efficient collaboration and services delivery from a carefully groomed network of digital work centers around the world. Samasource works directly with customers and subcontracts various service providers, among which are other ISSPs.

Value Proposition

Skilled project managers in the U.S. break down large projects into small tasks, known as their Microwork™ model. They developed the Internet-based SamaHub platform to maximize their efficiency and scalability.

Labor Supply

Women and youth with basic English skills who are living in poverty (currently living off less than $3 per day, adjusted for purchasing power parity). Local partners handle recruitment according to Samasource’s guidelines and sometimes with assistance from local NGOs.

Social Impact

According to an internal survey, more than 75% of Samasource workers:

  • Achieve a promotion within their work center; or
  • Achieve a position within another company doing formal work; or
  • Pursue higher education with funds saved from work.

Key Facts

Cumulative Number of Agents:

Total Beneficiaries Impacted:

Impact Sourcing Model:
Interim Supported



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