South Africa

South Africa is an early adopter of Impact Sourcing. It has the largest Impact Sourcing sector of all African nations and is poised to scale it up even further. Workers without a college education have the right skills profile and almost 70% of the business process outsourcing (BPO) workforce is in Impact Sourcing jobs.

The Rockefeller Foundation recently released a report about African countries whose focus on call centers has led to the provision of sufficiently educated work in call centers thereby leading to the growth of the CPO industry.


South Africa is very competitive on the operating cost front, with lower office rent, property taxes and operating expenses than in most other offshore locations Compared with the rest of Africa, it has the largest telecommunications network. The South African government has taken various proactive steps to promote the BPO sector, which include a new enhanced investment incentive and SETA funds for training.


South Africa has lost highly skilled workers through emigration, and discrepancies in the quality of education across the country have resulted in a large yet unskilled workforce. Although telecom costs have decreased, they are still high compared with developed nations. High-skilled IT employees are in short supply.

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Key Facts

$3,150 M Revenue

126000 Impact Sourcing Jobs

Service Providers in

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