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From the Samasource Field Cam: Nairobits

Seen #ImpactSourcing in Nairobi’s slums? @Samasource Field Cam: @leila_c + Ken @Nairobits — Impact Hub (@TheImpactHub) January 25, 2016 Impact Sourcing video clips from the field are a great way for service providers to get exposure and tell their story. Check out our YouTube channel for similar videos about the industry.Continue Reading

Worth More Than 1000 Words: Better Pictures for Ecommerce, Plus Social Impact

DDD delivers high-quality, competitively priced business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to clients worldwide. Their image processing solutions are specifically designed for ecommerce, because better images enable you to sell more. At the same time, DDD’s innovative social model enables talent from underserved populations to access professional opportunities and earn lasting higher income. With DDD, you cost-effectively improve your sell-through while transforming lives.Continue Reading

Sierra Leone: From Ebola to Entrepreneurial

I felt compelled to share the message below from an Ebola hot zone.One of our readers, Abdul Rashid Mansaray, shared his story of operating an Internet Café in Sierra Leone. He highlights some of the challenges facing those who want to build a digital business in West Africa. In an area of the world alreadyContinue Reading

Impact Sourcing at Scale: Moving from Idea to Practice

This Impact Sourcing conference in South Africa is an important part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Jobs Africa initiative. The initiative aims to impact the lives of 1 million people in six African countries by creating technology-enabled employment opportunities for African youth who face employment challenges. The conference will be held at the Polo ClubContinue Reading

The Future of Myanmar is Mobile

After decades of internet oppression in Myanmar, today we see drastic improvement. The future of Myanmar is yet to see more developments as three competitive mobile service providers are eager to expand business. Last month a group of technologists and development experts convened in Yangon at a workshop to discuss the roles and impacts ofContinue Reading

Calling Community Builders & Techies in Myanmar

According to the International Telecommunications Union, restrictions and poor infrastructure make Myanmar one of the world’s least digitally connected countries. Myanmar’s newly elected government, has undertaken a series of political and economic reforms as part of efforts to achieve the vision of becoming a modern, democratic and developed country by the year 2030. As economicContinue Reading

Outsourcing and Big Business: More Than a Cost-Saving Measure​

Cost savings has long been the primary reason businesses choose to outsource business processes. Whether a company is sending an entire call center overseas or simply contracting with a few offsite workers for mundane tasks, businesses are attracted to the reasonable prices they can pay for high-quality work. However, in recent years, businesses have begunContinue Reading

How Outsourcing Can Bring Out the Competitive Spirit in Workers

The competitive spirit is alive and well in America, with professionals realizing the importance of keeping their skills current. This has been driven by the internet’s ability to connect businesses with workers around the globe. No matter what skill a company needs, chances are they can find someone who excels in that skill, even ifContinue Reading

How Technology Has Changed Outsourcing

With each century, the world has become less segmented. As each new invention came along, humanity was able to expand their worldview, learning about and interacting with people in the next town over, another state, or even another country. Although newspapers, radio shows, and TV made great strides toward introducing people to the rest ofContinue Reading