Impact Sourcing creates jobs for disadvantaged men and women in many parts of the world. We’re proud to feature the following destinations.


Impact Sourcing represents an opportunity for widespread positive impact to Kenya, particularly in terms of employment for it’s large number of well-educated but unemployed people. Statistics from a report by The Rockefeller Foundation suggests that the Impact Sourcing sector can grow if business process outsourcing (BPO) providers continue to hire from poor and vulnerable sectionsMore info

South Africa

South Africa is an early adopter of Impact Sourcing. It has the largest Impact Sourcing sector of all African nations and is poised to scale it up even further. Workers without a college education have the right skills profile and almost 70% of the business process outsourcing (BPO) workforce is in Impact Sourcing jobs. TheMore info


Ghana is one of the fastest developing nations for Business Process Outsourcing and is a technology leader in the region. The country’s outsourcing industry has experienced unparalleled growth and its government plans to account for a significant portion of the world’s BPO market. Impact Sourcing has the potential to increase the country’s global standing, improvingMore info

Rural India

India currently employees the highest number of Impact Sourcing professionals, but there are few rural service providers. This is changing rapidly. Impact Sourcing could potentially improve India’s overall human development, particularly as outsourcing companies move to lesser developed rural areas where there is greater need for employment opportunities. Opportunities Impact Sourcing has the potential toMore info