Impact Sourcing Challenges and Opportunities: Ghana and Kenya

As business interest in outsourcing continues to grow, companies have realized the value of creating global teams. The delivery of services is shifting from inside a company’s boundaries to digital work centers around the globe. When conducted responsibly, outsourcing can provide economic benefits both to the business and the local economies of workers. Governments, NGOs and the Public Private Partnerships they create are working diligently to find and train workers to fulfill opportunities created by business process outsourcing (BPO). Here are a few examples of how different countries are responding to Impact Sourcing.

Photo credit: OER Africa, flickr

Photo credit: OER Africa, flickr


Government initiatives in Ghana have set it apart from others in the industry, as they have helped it to become an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) leader in the region and one of the fastest developing nations for Business Process Outsourcing. Ghana, specifically, has launched a Public Private Partnership model to transform its education system and provide higher quality ICT skills. Ghana’s business friendly atmosphere coupled with a large population of high value English-speaking people makes it an ideal candidate to become a leader in the Impact Sourcing industry.


Although Kenya is new to Impact Sourcing, it has many advantages that differentiate it from other global service delivery locations. The Kenyan government has fitted cities with fiber optic cables and advanced transportation facilities, which reduce infrastructure challenges. Kenya’s ease of doing business is another highlight of the location as the government has incorporated ICT into the country’s growth strategy. Through its Vision 2030 initiative, Kenya’s ICT Board is playing an active role in putting measures in place to position Kenya as an outsourcing destination.


While each geographic area has its challenges, governments across the world are positioning their countries to realize the economic and social benefits of Impact Sourcing.